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M4 Toric MFI Goggle 2020

Packed with features, the 2020 Anon M4 MFI goggle provides the unique ability to swap between cylindrical and toric lenses for maximum versatility, this is the Toric version. The M4 includes a spare Toric lens, both lenses paired with SONAR by ZEISS technology, designed to increase depth perception and enhance ... read more

Smoke - Sonar Smoke w/ Sonar Blue Lens
Tort - Sonar Smoke w/ Sonar Infrared Blue Lens
Black - Sonar Green w/ Sonar Blue Lens
Black - Sonar Red / Sonar Infrared Blue Lens
Lay Back - Sonar Blue w/ Sonar Silver Lens
Green - Sonar Smoke w/ Sonar Green Lens
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