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Auski has been selling snow skis since 1949 and now has 3 stores, so we know a lot about skis that will make sure you get the best ski at the right price. With hundreds of different snow skis such as all mountain, freeride, carve, powder, on piste and off piste, it's a good thing the staff at Auski are here to point you in the right direction.

Ski boots are the most important part of your ski gear. If you don't have the right fit you could spend all day in pain and not improve your technique at all. The boot fitters at Auski have all been trained to make sure we find you the right boot for your foot shape, ankle flex and skiing ability. We have all the top brands of ski boots including Lange, Salomon, Full Tilt, Rossignol, Atomic, Head, Dalbello and Nordica.

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Our experienced boot fitters will help you with any of your customisation needs from simple heatmoulding, punching and grinding right through to a range of full custom shells and footbeds (including drop-in footbeds from BootDoc, Lenz Flowmould Custom Footbeds, and BootDoc S7 Full Custom Footbeds).

Our leading ski brands Volkl, K2, Head, Salomon, Atomic, Line, Black Crows, Faction and Rossignol all have many snow skis of different widths and flexes. If you are advanced, the Brand New 2020 Volkl Deacon 84 is one of the most popular for all mountain terrain. The Rossignol Soul 7 is a popular powder ski that is wide enough for Japan but still carves well on hard pack. If it's your first ski purchase then look at our sale page for some great deals year round.

How wide do you need your ski to be if you want to ski in the deep powder of Japan but still take on the ice of Mt Buller? Well this is an interesting question. I think the right width is anywhere between 95mm and 110mm. The 2019 Volkl Mantra M5 or the higher spec V-Werks Mantra model is an example of a men’s all - Mountain Ski that is still a strong aggressive ski. It is probably more suited to someone who mainly skis in Australia but goes to Japan or New Zealand every now and then. The Salomon Q105 is a wider ski that is better for someone who goes to Japan every year and always looks for the hidden powder.

If you aren’t quite sure what width ski will suit you, the best option is to give Auski staff a call and have a chat. If you are lucky enough to be up at the snow on a demo day, then you can try a few out and see what characteristics of the ski you like.

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