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Arbor Collective

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Arbor Collective comprises three separate lines, snowboarding, skateboarding and softgoods. Shortly after launching Arbor in 1995 the company began to design a skateboard line with an emphasis on sustainability efforts. Arbor Skateboards are built with the use of recycled materials and responsibly sourced wood and bamboo. Arbor Skateboards have designed various lines of skateboards for all styles of skateboarding and all ability levels of riders.

Arbor Skateboards provide premium skateboards and longboards, with the Pilsner Flagship skateboard, Whiskey 8.25 Recruit skateboard and Axis 40 Bamboo longboard being popular picks amongst riders. Arbor Skateboards Australia offer versatile skateboards for all occasions, so if you love to ride your skateboard anywhere the hybrid skateboard is for you, from skateparks to street skating or up and down hills the hybrid skateboard has you covered. Arbor Skateboards also provide skateboards for specific activities such as their street/park skateboards. Arbor Collective Skateboards cater to all ... Read more

ability levels, including a range of skateboards for riders to learn the staples on and master the beginner tricks. With various series and collections of Arbor skateboards and longboards you will find your dream Arbor Collective board at Auski Australia.

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