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Hestra is an industry leader in outdoor and winter glove design. The brand was created over 80 years ago, with one continuous mission: to make gloves that provide warmth and protection in the most varied and harsh conditions.

Hestra has grown from an out of home village secret to a global brand, in just over three generations. Their gloves are sold in over 25 countries, but their focus on hand protection keeps going strong, they’re actually still named after the tiny village in which the brand first started, Hestra.

Because of the unwavering commitment to warmth and protection, Hestra ski gloves, glove mittens and accessories have developed to be some of the most durable, high quality and reliable protective pieces in the world. Whether you’re headed to the snow for an adrenaline filled adventure, or you’re simply going somewhere cold for a much needed relax, Hestra gloves are truly a ... Read more

a necessity. Keep your hands happy!

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