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Tips For Buying Snow Goggles

As we gear up for the 2016 Australian snow season we all want to get the most out of our equipment, but most importantly from the piece that helps us see – our goggles. Any ski or snowboard enthusiast will agree that being unable to see absolutely ruins your day up on the hill.

Just like the rest of our snow gear, we need them to fit properly to the individual shape of our faces, not only for comfort but also to keep the elements out. To achieve the perfect fit, there’s a couple of things that we need to look for:

  • No gaps where air can sneak in anywhere around the bridge of the nose or forehead (this reduces the chance of your lens fogging)
  • Make sure that the goggle foam follows the curvature of your face to give you an even, firm fit but not too tight
  • Find a frame size that’s big enough to give you a good amount of peripheral vision, but not too big that it’s going to sit in the wrong position when you team it up with a helmet.

To make sure that goggles fit a range of face and head shapes, major goggle manufacturers have produced their goggles in a range of different sizes. This includes the Smith I/O range, which includes the smaller I/OS, the medium sized I/O and the larger I/OX (which is also Over the Glasses compatible).

If you’re having trouble finding a goggle which fits the bridge of your nose properly, looking at an Asian specific fit might be your best bet! Asian Fit goggles include features such as more foam under the bridge of the nose piece to help prevent any gaps!

Anon WM1 Womens Goggle

What happens if you wear glasses? Does this mean you’ll be banished to a skiing career wearing only contacts or always wearing a set of goggles that never fit just quite right?

Looking for Over the Glasses (OTG) compatible goggles will change your life. They’re slightly wider through the temple width, and slightly deeper to accommodate for an extra frame underneath. You’ll never have to compromise your vision again. You can find our range of OTG goggles

If you wear a helmet (and here at Auski we strongly recommend you do), making sure you get seamless integration between your helmet and goggle is definitely a priority. If you already own a helmet, you should have that with you when you try on goggles. Depending on the brand of your helmet, there are also some goggles that may fit more precisely, so it can be a good idea to choose your new helmet first before your new pair of goggles.

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