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  • The Skis of the Winter Olympics

    March 02, 2022 5 min read

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    The Skis of the Winter Olympics

    Birk Rudd Skiing

    The Beijing Winter Olympic events are underway and with so many incredible athletes competing, it has us wondering what skis do the olympic skiers use? We have scoured the internet to find out what skis the Olympians use to compete in their events from big air to slopestyle and skiercross. There are lots of current ski models in this line up as well as a few unreleased skis that will be available to purchase this winter!

    Abi Harrigan

    Abi Harrigan is the only Australian skier to qualify for slopestyle, big air and halfpipe at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Unfortunately, Abi was in an accident just after arriving in Beijing, where she broke her fibula. She has had to pull out of the big air and halfpipe. Abi placed 26th in the qualifiers.

    Abi skis on the Bash 86 from Volkl. A lightweight twin tip designed for park, all-mountain and freestyle skiing. The Bash 86 has a wood core to keep it light and nimble enough to maneuver around the park while maintaining stability at speed. For the 2023 Volkl range, the Bash 84 has been updated and combined with the Revolt series to be the Revolt 84.

    Abi Harrigan Volkl Bash 86
    Eileen Gu Faction 0.0

    Eileen Gu

    The American born skier Eileen Gu represented China at the 2022 Bejing Winter Olympics. She dominated the skiing world in the last couple of years and was the youngest freestyle skier to win a gold medal. Eileen won the women's big air event in front of Tess Ledeux and Mathilde Gremaud.

    Eileen has a pro-model ski, the Prodigy 0.0 Gu edition by Faction. The Prodigy 0.0 Gu uses Factions lightweight Fusion core to allow for playful and effortless riding all over the mountain. The waist width on this ski is 85mm, which is very similar to many of the other skis ridden at the Olympics. The narrow waist makes it easier to transition edge to edge and more maneuverable in the park. The Prodigy series from Faction continues to be the most versatile ski range, with many pro skiers opting to ride the Prodigy series.

    Sami Kennedy-Sim

    Sami Kennedy-Sim is an Australian skier that competes in ski cross. She started competing in alpine skiing but changed to compete in ski cross in 2008. The 2x Olympian will compete in the women's Ski Cross event at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

    Sami skis on the Stockli Laser WRT SX, explicitly designed for the ski cross event. The Laser WRT SX is fast and stable at high speeds but agile enough to land big jumps. Its 14.4m radius makes the Laser WRT SX a quick, short turning ski with an incredibly strong edge grip.

    Sami Kennedy-Sim Stockli Laser
    Tess Ledeux Atomix Punx 7

    Tess Ledeux

    Tess Ledeux is a French freestyle skier known for competing in big air and slopestyle. She represented France at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, where she won the silver medal in the big air. She was the first female skier to land a 1620 in competition.

    Tess Ledeux skis on the Atomic Punx 7, an 84mm underfoot all-mountain twin tip designed with the park in mind. The Punx 7 has an early rise rocker with a true symmetrical side cut to ensure seamless catch-free trick initiation. The Punx 7 is a lightweight park ski with plenty of pop, flex and shock absorption for even the biggest landings. The Punx 7 is a unisex ski and is used by many other winter athletes like New Zealand's Jossi Wells.

    Jakara Anthony

    Jakara Anthony is a 2 X Australian Olympian that won the women's mogul event at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Jakara came first in her qualifier and then took home the gold medal at the final after an incredible performance.

    Like many mogul athletes, Jakara skis on the mogul specific ID-One Skis from Japan. The ski of choice is the MR-SG, a stiffer ski designed for more aggressive mogul skiers. It is a responsive ski that meets the high demands of the worlds top mogul skiers.

    Jakara Anthony ID one skis
    Colby Stevenson Poacher

    Colby Stevenson

    Colby Stevenson is an American freestyle skier that competes in slopestyle, big air and halfpipe. He won the silver medal in the Big Air event at the 2022 Beijing WInter Olypimpics alongside Birk Rudd and Henrik Harlaut.

    Colby skis on the K2 Poacher, an aggressive park ski made for big jumps and rails. The Poacher has been in the K2 lineup for several years and continues to land on top of podiums. The model seen at the Olympics is a limited-edition collaboration with artist Mr Stash. K2 use Carbon Boost Braid construction and a two species wood core to deliver tons of pop off the lip and stability on big landings.

    Henrik Harlaut

    Henrik Harlaut is a Swedish skier known for his creative tricks and technical skiing. He is a 13x X-Games medalist that took home the bronze medal in the mens big air event at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

    Henrik has been on the Armada ski team for many years and rides the Armada Bdog for big air events. The Bdog is Phil Casabon’s pro model ski and is made to press and pop on and off rails and park features. The tip and tails of the Bdog are super soft to keep the skis consistently nimble and agile at the same time. The Bdog’s are a softer park ski and seem to attribute to Henrik's style.

    Henrik Harlaut Bdog
    Burt Rudd Volkl Revolt 84

    Birk Rudd

    Birk Rudd is a Norwegian freestyle skier that won the Gold Medal in the big air at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. In 2016 he won the gold medal at the Youth Winter Olympics in slopestyle and has won 4 medals at X-Games since then.

    Birk skis on the new Revolt 84 from Volkl. We had to dig to find out exactly which ski he is on during the Olympic events as the new top sheet hasn't been released yet. The updated Revolt 84 pulls together elements of the Bash 84 (that Abi Harrigan was riding) and the previous Revolt series to make Volkl’s best park and all-mountain ski so far.

    Max Moffatt

    Max Moffatt is a freestyle skier from Canada who started his career as a ski racer. He competed in the big air at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and is set to compete in the men's slopestyle event next. He recently made the top 10 in the World Cup for slopestyle, big air and pipe.

    Max skis on the Liberty Helix 84, a high-performance free-ride ski made for the whole mountain. The Helix 84 is a versatile, easy to manoeuvre ski that can carve at high speeds, slide through rails and park features and surf through fresh snow. Liberty is one of the only ski brands to pair bamboo and poplar in their ski core for rigidity and flexibility.

    Max Moffatt Liberty
    James Woods

    James Woods

    James Woods is an accomplished British freestyle skier with numerous FIS World Cup medals under his belt. James is a 3 x Winter Olympian and, in 2017, won a gold medal at X-Games Aspen in the Big Air. He will compete in the slopestyle event at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

    James skis on the Tom Wallisch Pro from Line Skis. The TWP was designed by legendary American freestyle skier Tom Wallisch, who joined forces with Line to create the ultimate high-performance park ski. The TWP has a quick swing weight, making it easier to bring the skis around mid-air and excellent edge-to-edge control to increase maneuverability. Its almost as if when James Woods skis on the TWP he channels Tom Wallisch himself.


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