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The Best Gifts for Surfers and Fans of the Outdoors

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The Best Gifts for Surfers - Awesome and Affordable Gift Ideas

There's a Summer gift out there for everyone and Auski has you covered!

The time of year is upon us, and we're at the stage where we are ready to put the Christmas tree up and call it a year (from work!). Some may be fully prepared and have their presents wrapped and ready to go… others (may we say the majority!) are still wondering how is it almost time for warm weather and Christmas celebrations when we haven't even thought about what presents to give!

To ensure you're locked and loaded to be the ultimate favourite friend, family member or thankful KK giver, we've compiled a list of the best gifts for surfers and outdoor enthusiasts.

There is nothing more important than protecting yourself from the hefty UV's this summer, and if you're going to wear a hat, there’s no reason to not do it in style. Bucket hats have gained the it-hat accessory and scream "it's summer!".

Billabong's Tides Straw Bucket Hat is a beach day essential! The bucket is an easy-wear seagrass straw wide brim hat with woven applique badge and drawcord with adjustable toggle, made with a wider brim for that extra UV protection. Valued at $19.99, this gift can be paired up to another top picked goodie from the list to create the ultimate gift combination.

For the ladies the Billabong Jane Ladies Bucket Hat is available in both black and white, suiting any outfit you rock this summer! Made from cotton canvas, the wide brim hat features Billabong embroidery and drawcord with adjustable toggle. Valued at $29.99 and with fast shipping, you can grab this gift and have it ready for the warm weather.



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For those not a fan of bucket hats, you can’t go wrong with snapback or trucker caps, with a range of summer styles to suit and person who is difficult to get a gift for.

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You can never go wrong with a pair of sunglasses, but it's important for water fans and outdoor lovers that shop with the Aussie sun in mind.. That's why Oakley's Latch Sunglasses has it under control!

Oakley has released bomb unisex sunglasses ready for your long summer days outdoors. The latch sunglasses feature a classic keyhole bridge and rounded lenses with a variety of styles to choose from including Prizm™ lenses to enhance colour, contrast and detail for an optimised experience. These sunnies feature clip hinge mechanisms that enable the sunglasses to latch onto your t-shirt, so you'll never have to ask "where did I put my sunnies?".

With multiple colours to choose from and Polarized and Iridium™ lens options available, these sunglasses are suited for everyone. Valued at $275.99 they are a perfect gift to ensure your seasonal pals are getting the best protection out in the sun while looking fashionable. (They also make the perfect gift to give yourself this holiday period!)

Wetsuits are an excellent gift for surfers of all ages and experience levels. It's important as a surfer that you are comfortable and appropriately dressed for the temperature of the water. Wavelength makes lightweight water sports apparel designed with comfort when riding the waves.

The 2021 Follow Pro Long Arm Spring Suit 2021 takes no shortcuts with blind-stitched glued seams to create a watertight seal, you’ll retain body heat more easily and efficiently.

The 2019 Jetpilot Cause Ladies Springsuit is what every lady needs for those cold mornings and deep water starts.The Flex-Lite Neoprene conforms nicely but maintains the breathability for those hot days.

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Are you even an Aussie if you don't own a pair of thongs? If you know someone who doesn't then you're in luck! Summertime is the official season of flip flops, and the Reef Fanning Low Men's Thongs make thongs stylish all year round. Featuring perforated and padded liner for foot breathability and comfort, 360-degree airbag under the outsole, molded rubber outsole for durability and traction they also come with a bottle opener on the outsole… as Aussie as it gets, right? Valued at $79.99 they are available in black and white, black and olive.


We haven't forgotten about our ladies… Reef's Cushion Bounce Phantom Thongs are available in a variety of colours for you to mix and match while staying comfortable on your long days outdoors. The cushion bounce thongs feature signature cushion bounce footbed, high energy rebound, modern contouring with anatomical arch support and a high-density rubber sponge outsole so you're guaranteed the maximum comfort while still doing all the crazy outdoor adventures. The cushion bounce thongs are valued at $59.99!


Both Reef's thongs are the ultimate gifts for the outdoor enthusiasts providing both style and comfort for crazy quests this summer.  

Good Times and Tan Lines, With a Handy Beach Towel

A classic beach towel makes a great gift for friends, family or co-workers, giving a day trip to the beach as something to look forward to. Soak up surf legacy and saltwater with a premium Roxy or Billabong beach towel whether in a retro print or plain style.

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There is no need to be stuck on gift ideas for your beach-loving friends this year! With free shipping over $50 and express shipping available, get your gift shopping sorted leaving you more time to get outdoors!

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