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    June 05, 2020 3 min read

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    ...and Buy a Pie in Mansfield!

    As the world comes out of lockdown, as we once again start to spend less time in doors and more time enjoying what nature has to offer, there is no time more perfect to plan a snow trip for this upcoming Aussie winter.

    Not that we’re counting (we are) but the snow season is coming up quick and we're thankful to have something to be excited about!

    In these times of uncertainty, we’re spending our time daydreaming of winter days outside in the cool, crisp, mountain air, with snow falling and friends racing to the lodge for a cup of hot cocoa.

    There’s no better way to support the industry that you love, the sport and the country that you love through these tough times than to book your annual ski trip locally this winter.

    2020 Is a Great Time to Support Local Businesses & Small Towns

    Skiing and snowboarding in Australia offers experiences that can’t be found anywhere else! Take advantage of your local resorts and take some turns amongst the snow gums in 2020!

    After a difficult start to the year for our local communities, we’re doing our bit by supporting the alpine towns that need our support through this winter. What better way to do your part than to pack the family into the car and head for the mountains? On your way, stop in Mansfield for a pie, in Mount Beauty for a pint or in Dinner Plain for dinner (it just makes sense).

    We skiers and snowboarders are experts at tackling changeable conditions on the mountain, it’s what we do! We know how to be adaptable and always be ready for the next obstacle. We’re ready for this upcoming season and are aware that some changes may have to be made, but we know how lucky we are to have mountains on our door-step, and are so excited to take advantage of them for another season to come!

    Insider tip:

    Make sure to check The Frying Pan Inn at Falls Creek...

    - Ryan @ Auski

    Here are some things you can do to get ready for the upcoming winter season:

    1. Get your ski legs back! Do some at home workouts, ensure you’re ready to tackle every aspect of the resort the second that they ring the opening day bell!
    2. Learn how to wax your skis from home! We love to share our expertise with our family of customers, at Auski, we sell everything you need to get your skis in tip-top shape for the winter ahead. If hands on tuning isn’t your style, our expert ski techs will be happy to do it for you.
    3. Pack your ski bag! There’s nothing worse than scrambling everything together the night before a ski trip to realise that you don’t have ski socks or gloves. Get ahead of it and drop by to say hi at one of our stores if you need something!

    Looking for Local Information?

    Whether wining and dining, things to see & do or accommodation, there are so many great local businesses that will make your trip even more enjoyable.

    Check out the below local tourism guides for more info.

    For Mount Hotham, click here.

    For Falls Creek, click here.

    For Mt. Buller, click here.  

    For Mt. Baw Baw, click here.

    For Perisher, click here.

    For Thredbo, click here.

    Most importantly, we want every part of our community to do their bit. Show up, support country locals, support our local ski industry. It’s that simple.

    If you’re after any local tips for the slopes or surrounding country towns, send us an email or hit us up on Facebook.

    See you out on the slopes! ✌🏻

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