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  • Best Snow Goggles of 2022

    February 04, 2022 5 min read

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    Best Snow Goggles of 2022

    The snow goggles for 2022 feature some futuristic technologies with some retro styling. We enlisted the help of a goggle expert to share 10 of the best goggles that includes some new models and old favourites.

    Anon Sync

    Anon - Sync

    The Sync goggle from Anon is their new, futuristic face shield looking goggle that comes with two lenses. It was released for the 2021 winter and featured Burton's own lens technology. Previously, Anon goggles used Carl Zeiss lens tech similar to Giro, but they have created their own called ‘Perceive’. The lens and frame have a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to stop smudges and keep your goggles looking fresh. The Sync is Anon’s premium OTG (Over The Glasses) goggle, making it versatile for many riders.

    Anon Sync Goggle

    Oakley Line Miner Goggle

    Oakley Line Miner

    The Line Miner is a retro-style, framed goggle from Oakley that comes in 3 sizes L, M and S (best fit for kids). Its oversized, boxy look features a high-quality cylindrical lens for wide peripheral vision and optical clarity. All Oakley goggles now have a universal-fit, triple-layer face foam. They also feature Prizm Lens Technology to increase contrast on the snow so riders can see more definition when the light changes. The Line Miner comes with one lens, so you might need to buy a spare lens depending on the weather. They also fit seamlessly with a helmet and over glasses. And as it comes in three sizes, there is a Line Miner for everyone!

    Dragon RVX

    The Dragon RVX is a frameless shield style goggle released in 2021. Its sleek design brings something new into the Dragon goggle range as the first premium OTG goggle for the company. It comes with two lenses and features the Swift-Lock 2.0 lens change system, which is so fast and easy you can do it on the chairlift. The RVX has a wide field of view and a lower profile than the PVX, so it fits well with a helmet. If you're looking for a frameless goggle, the RVX is a great option that works with or without a helmet. It comes in various colours and lens combinations, so it's easy to match with your new snow gear.

    Dragon RVX Goggle

    Smith Squad Mag Goggle

    Smith Squad Mag

    Smith has upgraded one of their best selling goggles to make a premium version of the Squad. The Squad Mag was released last year, and it is a welcomed addition to the Smith goggle range. It comes with two lenses so that you can swap your lens out depending on the weather conditions. It also has a quick change magnetic lens system that allows you to flick a tab and release the lens. This magnetic system means if you have a big stack, your lens will stay secure. The oversized fit of the Squad Mag means you will have excellent peripheral vision both side to side and up and down. The Squad Mag and all other premium Smith goggles use Chromapop lens tech to help your eyes see true colour and filter the light on the snow.

    Giro Contour

    The Giro Contour is a sleek and super lightweight goggle that comes with two toric lenses. It features a quick change lens system that clips the lens into the goggle and uses magnets to line up the frame. This medium to large frame fits a variety of face shapes and fits well with almost any helmet. The top part of the frame uses a hydrophobic coating on the foam vents to repel water and keep the goggles fog-free. The Contour is a premium goggle from Giro and uses Zeiss lenses with Vivid lens technology. This lens tech helps improve the visual experience of snow by enhancing contrast and definition. The Contour goggle is an OTG (Over the Glasses) goggle that will fit most eyewear frames and is also available in a smaller size.

    Giro Contour Goggle

    Out Of Electra

    Out Of Electra

    The Electra goggle from Out Of is a revolutionary goggle that changes its lens colour depending on the light conditions. So many goggle manufacturers have tried to make a goggle like The Electra, and none have come close. The Electra uses a small solar panel to charge an LCD film in the goggle lens. This solar cell allows the lens to change when you ride into trees and the light changes or gets darker. The Electra is a medium to large fitting goggle that is also OTG compatible. It also won a gold ISPO award for the best goggle in the world in 2021.

    Electric - Kleveland 2

    The Kleveland 2 goggle from Electric is an updated and upgraded version of the Kleveland from a few years ago. It looks almost the same as the original with some premium features. This upgraded version features a high-quality injection moulded lens and magnetic lens technology. So you can easily change your lens on the mountains even when you're wearing gloves. The Kleveland 2 is an oversized goggle that fits with or without a helmet.

    Electric Kleveland 2


    Yniq - One

    The One is a timeless goggle with a luxurious finish. Designed in Sweden and manufactured in Italy, the One is built from multiple stainless steel pieces and high-grade plastics. The self-supporting outriggers on either side of the frame help the goggles to sit comfortably on your face without obstructing your helmet. It's a medium-sized goggle that offers a wide field of view through the lens and its purpose-built side windows. The One comes with a spare lens that can be changed quickly with its quick-change lens system.

    Spy - The Marauder

    The Marauder Elite is an oversized fit goggle with interchangeable lenses from Spy Optics. It features two toric (shaped like your eye curve) lenses that reduce light distortion and use Spy’s happy Lens tech to boost alertness and enhance the light on the snow. The Maraudder Elite uses a magnetic lens change system for fast and easy lens changes. They are also OTG goggles and fit with most RX frames. This goggle will fit best with a higher profile helmet as it is a larger sized frame.

    Spy The Marauder Goggle

    Oakley Sutro Sunglasses

    Oakley - Sutro Sunglasses

    The Oakley Sutro isn't a snow goggle but is an excellent snow sunglass that offers maximum sun and snow protection. This wrapping shield style sunglass is a throwback to the 80s and is a great lightweight option for touring, a day in the park or just carving on groomers. It's an excellent choice for those who prefer to wear sunglasses when skiing or snowboarding. They feature a Prizm Snow lens and have 100% UV Protection.

    It is recommended you try goggles on before making your final choice. If you wear a helmet, bring your helmet in-store to try them together. Goggles should fit firmly on the face with no gaps, especially over the nose bridge. They should sit snugly inside the brim of your helmet without being jammed against each other. If your snow goggles don't fit correctly, it can cause them to fog up and ruin your day on the snow. Auski has a wide range of snow goggles and experience staff that can reccommend a goggle for you.


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