The 10 Best Waterfalls Near Sydney

April 10, 2023 7 min read

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The 10 Best Waterfalls Near Sydney

The 10 Best Waterfalls Near Sydney, NSW

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If you live in Sydney or are visiting, you have a tonne of options for amazing day outings, including the coastline, beaches, mountains, and valleys. However, why not focus your next adventure on waterfall chasing? These Sydney waterfalls are scattered across Sydney and New South Wales and offer a serene ambience to anyone seeking solace. It's fun to explore the beauty and variety of Sydney's national parks by chasing waterfalls. Some are located in national parks, some permit swimming, and some must be discovered by a brief hike. Find these cascading falls nearby, in, and around Sydney, so pack a picnic and get ready to head out there!

Here are the ten best waterfalls near Sydney in alphabetical order.

1. Carrington Falls, Budderoo National Park

In the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, there is a cascading waterfall known as Carrington Falls that spans the Kangaroo River. You can take in the view of Carrington Falls from one of three magnificent lookouts before unwinding at picnic sites, BBQ pits, or a few short walking routes. Considering its cascades, waterholes, and rockpools, some people deem Carrington Falls to be the South Coast's most scenic location. After visiting the picnic area at Carrington Falls, also known as Thomas Place, in the park's northwest, there's a good chance you'll agree. The fact that this location has so many waterholes, cascades, and rock outcroppings and that you can swim here will just add to your sense of wonder and surprise at this 50-metre waterfall.

Carrington Falls, Budderoo National Park

Image: Instagram/ozindobushwalk

Collins Beach Waterfall, Sydney Harbour National Park

Image: Instagram/manlyaustralia

2. Collins Beach Waterfall, Sydney Harbour National Park

Are you looking for a hidden beach that you can visit in peace? Or perhaps you wish to spend some time alone with your loved ones or friends? Or perhaps you just want to travel to a waterfall and a beach on the same trip? This hidden beach, sandwiched between North Head and Little Manly, is still reasonably reachable, making it a peaceful retreat for a romantic picnic in the afternoon. It’s also a great place to cool off when the temperatures soar in Sydney. The waterfall can be simply a trickle during a dry spell; it is at its most spectacular after a good rain. You have a few options to get to the waterfall, but the quickest and simplest route is from the end of Collins Beach Road, where there is very little parking available along the road. A well-kept path leads down to the shore.

3. Curracurrong Falls, Royal National Park

In the Royal National Park, you’ll find Curracurrong Falls, one of the few waterfalls in the world that drops straight into the ocean, making it a must-see attraction. When the winds are strong, it is quite a sight to see the water being pushed back up. Located just a short walk from Wattamolla, this waterfall is part of a scenic coastal trail that also passes by Eagle Rock, a landmark known for its eagle-like prongs. This 8-kilometre round-trip hike to Eagle Rock and Curracurrong Falls leaves from Wattamolla Beach and is part of the 26-kilometre Coast Track that stretches from Otford in the south to Bundeena in the north.

Curracurrong Falls, Royal National Park, Best Sydney Waterfalls

Image: Instagram/timeoutsydney

Empress Falls, Blue Mountains

Image: Instagram/whyweroadtrip

4. Empress Falls, Blue Mountains

One of the Blue Mountains' most underrated waterfalls, Empress Falls, is just a short walk from the Conservation Hut in the Wentworth Falls area. Several spots along the trail to Empress Falls offer breathtaking vistas of Jamison Valley and the cliff faces of the Valley of the Waters. From Queen Victoria's overlook, visitors can take in breathtaking vistas that extend to Mount Solitary and Lincoln's Rock lookout. The walk continues downstream alongside the creek, passing two more waterfalls—Sylvia Falls and Lodore Falls—as well as Empress Falls.

5. Fitzroy Falls, Morton National Park

Fitzroy Falls is the second-largest waterfall in Morton National Park, and it is a beautiful cascade on Wildes Meadow Creek that drops eighty metres into the Yarrunga Valley. Fitzroy Falls is not only one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Southern Highlands but also one of the easiest to access.

Twenty minutes outside of Bowral, at the beginning of the descent into Kangaroo Valley, is the popular rest point at Fitzroy Falls. It has a parking lot, a cafe, and a large visitor centre. Follow the walkway south from the Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre to reach an overlook with spectacular vistas of the waterfall and the valley below. If you're looking for a longer hike, Morton National Park has several paths that will take you into the bush and up and down via some smaller waterfalls. On the East Rim hike, you can visit eight different lookout points and photograph three smaller waterfalls.

Fitzroy Falls, Morton National Park, Best Waterfalls near Sydney

Image: Instagram/thecottagekangaroovalley

Maddens Falls, Dharawal National Park, Waterfalls near Sydney

Image: Instagram/we_love_to_adventure

6. Maddens Falls, Dharawal National Park

Near Helensburgh, at the Maddens Falls overlook, which is a great place for birdwatching and photography and a wonderful treat after a bushwalk, you can take in beautiful waterfall views. Maddens Falls is a lovely cascade waterfall located in the Dharawal National Park, 50 kilometres south of Sydney. A short and easy 1-kilometre hike through lovely greenery will bring visitors to a panoramic observation platform with amazing views of the waterfall and the region. This somewhat unique national park is defined by a vast network of wetlands, rivers, and heath vegetation. Bring your binoculars and camera because this place is a birdwatcher's paradise!

7. Minnehaha Falls, Blue Mountains

Minnehaha Falls, a very unassuming yet stunning waterfall, is situated on Yosemite Creek in the Katoomba area of the Blue Mountains and is a well-known tourist destination. This 20-metre waterfall is the perfect location to cool down in the cool, clear water. The deep water in this location is perfect for a short dive for swimmers with intermediate to advanced skills. The area is even more charming because of the nearby rocks, which are also the perfect place to relax at the end of the day and take in some of the region's most breathtaking panoramic views. This hike to Minnehaha Falls starts at the parking area at the end of Minnehaha Road in Katoomba. In the summer, the carpark quickly fills up, so it's crucial to be there early to prevent having to park further away. There are numerous little falls and tiny pools near the trail's beginning that are safe for young kids to play in. At the start of the track, there are also picnic tables and a swing if you're organising a family adventure. If you want to bring kids, please be advised that the approach to the foot of the falls is steep.

Minnehaha Falls, Blue Mountains, Waterfalls in Blue Mountains

Image: Instagram/explore_bluemountains

Wattamolla Falls, Royal National Park

Image: Instagram/jacs.adventures

8. Wattamolla Falls, Royal National Park

Royal National Park is a great spot if you want to see a little bit of paradise. When you arrive, you'll feel as though you're on top of the world since it is so breathtakingly gorgeous. The ocean is visible from the top of the falls, which is an amazing sight to behold. The sunlight bounces off the mist from the falls and the distant ocean, creating a very stunning view. The beach and swimming areas below demonstrate that paradise is not just at the top. The only way you will be able to get a good position to take in the grandeur of these falls is if you arrive early in the morning before it gets crowded. Start your day exploring Wattamolla at Wattamolla Falls, which is near the northern parking lot. The lagoon is fenced off; thus, it is not permitted to jump from the top of the waterfall into it.

9. Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains

The three-tiered, well-known waterfall with a height of about 200 metres is called Wentworth Falls, as is the town where it is located. It is one of the most popular locations in the Blue Mountains for bushwalking. These falls are extremely stunning when a lot of rain has fallen, and a lot of water has entered Jamison Valley. The valley and the waterfall can be seen in amazing detail from a number of vantage points. On the National Pass walking circuit, which is only a short drive from Katoomba, are Princes Lookout and Wentworth Falls. At this point, you must make a choice: if all you want to do is witness the falls, pack a picnic and simply enjoy. But if you plan on taking the adventurous way, then you came for the experience of a three-hour journey into the eucalyptus forest. You’ll get to see Wentworth Falls up close as well as Silvia, Lodore and Empress Falls. Although the looping circuit is only slightly more than five kilometres long, it is a strenuous hike, so you should pack food, water, and sunscreen.

Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains, Waterfall near sydney

Image: Instagram/thecolourchaser

Winifred Falls, Royal National Park, Waterfalls in NSW

Image: Instagram/tenalach_australis

10. Winifred Falls, Royal National Park

Bring your children or family members to Winifred Falls in Royal National Park for a fun family day out. For the younger members of your troop, the fact that the water is warm and gloriously bright blue is good news. The falls are approximately the right height for youngsters to feel comfortable and have fun, even though they aren't as high as those at Wattamolla because, yes, you can swim here. Visitors can take a quick but lovely bushwalk starting from Warumbul Road in the Royal National Park to the delightful Winifred Falls, a small but impressive waterfall on South West Arm Creek. Due to its remoteness, the location is ideal for swimming in the calm waters of the creek as well as picnics and sunbaking on the rocks. The waterfall is surrounded by numerous rock platforms where you can relax and take a seat, making it a great place for a picnic. If you visit during the week or in the late afternoon, there is a decent chance you'll have the place to yourself.

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