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  • The Ultimate Snowboarding & Skiing Spotify Playlists for Your Next Adventure

    June 03, 2022 5 min read

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    The Best Snowboarding & Skiing Spotify Playlists

    We're here to help you put together the perfect snowboarding playlist, recommend some songs and killer playlists, and get you ready to hit the slopes.

    Snowboarding Spotify Playlists

    10 Best Snowboarding Playlists - A Round-up

    If you're thinking about listening to music while shredding and need some inspiration, here is a breakdown of various vibes and tunes to get your ultimate playlist started. From some of our staff finds to playlists by pro-boarders, give them a play, and simply save your favourite songs to your own master snowboarding playlist, allowing you to customise it to fit your needs.

    A great skiing or snowboarding playlist can serve as constant reminder of how much fun you had on the mountain!

    Stream Scotty James Killer Playlist

    In the words of Scotty James, " This playlist and the artists get me pumped”. Australia’s Scotty James is a legend, 2 time Olympic medalist, 3 time World Champion and 7 time XGames medalist. So when we curates a playlist to board to then it’s gotta be in rotation.

    This playlist includes everything from Bon Iver and Alt-J to Mumford & Sons and Drake.

    Ryan from Auski’s Recommendation

    Whether your skiing, boarding or chilling in the chalet, Ryan from Auski’s go-to spotify playlist includes over 130 songs, lasting you a full 8 hours. With a mix of artists and styles, everything from The Black Keys and Beastie Boys to Mac Miller and Odesza, this playlist is a good fall back option if you can’t be bothered making your own.

    Winter Olympics Spotify Playlist

    Want a round-up of tunes curated by the US Olympic athlete team? The Winter Olympics Mix will get your pumped up to carve out your winning run of the day!

    Burton Sounds Spotify Playlist

    Burton are the leaders on the snow, so why not give their playlist a go? Their 2020 Burton US Open Playlist will keep you pumped for a few hours while you cruise down the slopes in their latest gear.

    Fire Throwbacks Spotify Playlist

    If you're looking for some sultry slow jams, this 7 hour long old-school playlist is for you. On the mountain, instant swagger.

    Pump up with a Redbull Spotfy Playlist

    Clocking in at 23hrs of tunes, this skiing all day playlist is lighthearted and upbeat, with mostly pop-rock tunes, and long enough so you'll be able to listen to it all week.

    Bluebird Sunny Days Playlist

    The crew at Spotify know how to curate a playlist, so why not shuffle their Sunny Day playlist which will help you chill out as you carve out the mountain.

    Apres Classics Playlist

    Après Ski...you know what that means! Another playlist by Spotify, but another playlist that is perfect for the apres scene or fun back at the chalet.

    A Dew Tour Playlist

    Want to know what the world's best athletes are listening to? Dew Tour's Spotify account has a range of playlists curated from athletes along with a few words from the riders, providing you with personalised insight from the pros while you listen to their personalised playlists.

    2022 Snowboarding Spotify Playlist

    Looking for a playlist with a few more modern bangers to get you pumped up as you shread? This snowboarding mix has 180 songs, and a range artists to give you that electric feel.

    What to Include in Your Snowboarding Spotify Playlist

    Consider the mood you want to set and the music that will keep you going when you put together your ultimate playlist. On different days of the week, you'll want to listen to different kinds of music on the mountain.

    What To Include In Your Powder Days Playlist

    Some days on the mountain serve as a reminder of why you ride, what it is you enjoy about the sport, and what it is about the mountains that draws you in. The days following a fresh snowfall are known as "powder days" because of the fluffy white layer that is left behind. Getting up early and getting dressed and fueling up with a good breakfast are no longer optional these days if you want to ski or board in pristine powder before everyone else does. So, to go along with such monumental occasions, you'll want a killer playlist that will get you out of bed and moving through the heavy pow. Deep house, techno, dance, and even rock might be appropriate on these occasions. When it comes to music for bouncing through the snow, you need a playlist that's upbeat and has a steady beat to keep you on track. These are the tunes that will inspire you to work hard in the gym all year round, so that you can enjoy these "power days," which tend to be hard on the ageing legs, when they finally come around.

    What To Include In Your Piste Days Playlist

    When you're on the slopes, you might prefer a different ambience than when you're in the mountains. You're tearing down the slopes at breakneck speed, clocking serious distances across the valley. There is nothing better than a bluebird day on the slopes, punctuated by pit stops at mountain restaurants and bars, than a day in the powder. You need music that reflects the exuberance and joy of a day on the slopes, so we prefer electronic and dance-pop tunes. More words and attitude than the powder day songs, but less intense and tamer beats. Songs for a day on the slopes should lift your spirits and strengthen your patience as you navigate the crowds on the mountain and stand in line for 10 minutes at a time.

    What To Include In Your Travelling Or Lift Playlists

    When you're not out boarding, listen to tunes to help you appreciate the beauty of the mountains and the snow even more. On a long chairlift or gondola ride, when you have time to relax, talk with your companions, and take in the breathtaking views. Feel good and folk playlists will come in handy when you're driving to and from the ski resort, as well as when you're on the lifts alone. If you're looking for something to listen to when when travelling to the mountain try something like indie rock, folk, or tropical house.

    Songs to add to your Playlists

    The perfect playlist can make or break your snowboarding or skiing experience. So, what are the best songs for snowboarding and skiing? Here’s a few recommendations to kick off your playlist.

    "Dance Yrself Clean" by LCD Soundsystem

    "Under The Milky Way" by The Church

    "The Funeral" by Band of Horses

    "Ride My Bike" by Laid Back

    “Do or Die” by Childish Gambino

    “Legendary” by Welshy Arms

    “Parachute”by Otto Knows

    “International Anthem “ by Flux Pavilion

    “Werk” by CID

    “Ready 2 wear” by Felix da Housecat


    Got your Snowboard Spotify Playlist Sorted?

    As well a killer playlist, remember it’s always nice to just listen to the sound of your board or skis on the snow... If you're snowboarding on a glacier, backcountry or back bowl, turn off your music and focus solely on the sounds of the mountain. There's nothing like the silence of the mountains, the sound of your board or skis slicing through the snow, and the rush of wind in your ears.

    Happy shredding and see you out on the slopes! ✌🏻

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