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Snowboard boot Flex and Support – what do I want?

Flex & Support Explained

Finding the right boot often makes the difference between the most epic day ever and the worst day of your snowboarding career. There are so many little things that can determine this now, with snowboard boot companies making boots more comfortable, but a little harder to choose with all the different features you can find now!

Flex & Support

Arguably the biggest differences in boots and price points you’ll see between them all, is how supportive and flexible the boots are. Some can feel like noodles, providing the rider more comfort, while others feel like a block of concrete, giving second to none support. When we talk about flex, generally it’s referencing the forward flex of the boot – how easy it is to push your knee over your toes while leaning forward. The stiffer the boot, the less work you have to do to get the same amount of response compared to a softer flexing boot.


Best for those who look for the most response they can get because they charge hard and fast. Big Mountain riders, freeride enthusiasts, powder hounds; you’ll want to look for these. Not suitable for riders who have just started out – they’re too responsive and will delay your progression. If you do have any foot or ankle issues though, stiffer boots can really help with keeping you supported and locked in.


The best of both worlds. Supportive, yet comfortable. The jack of all trades – they’re made so you can hit all parts of the mountain whenever you want. Start the morning off charging down the corduroy groomers, move into the trees over lunch time and then hit the park at the end of the day. Generally have a good amount of support, but with a strong focus on comfort as well.


The sneaker of the snowboard boot world. Soft and flexible, giving enough cushioning for park rats when jibbing and playing around, but also comfortable enough for beginners or those who want a focus on comfort rather than performance. Not very responsive though, so if you’re looking to charge a little faster and progress a little further, look for something slightly stiffer.


Most importantly though, it’s all about how they fit. Have a look at our fit guide blog

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