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    November 25, 2015 3 min read

    Do I need a Powder specific snowboard for my trip to Japan?

    If you are lucky enough to be going to Japan this summer, you will be needing a snowboard that will handle deep powder snow. You may be thinking about just taking your normal board and seeing how it handles but there are a few reasons why you should consider taking a powder specific board with you.

    The first is that Japan gets the most consistently deep powder snow you will ever experience. Thigh to waist deep snow is a daily occurrence in Japan and if you take a regular camber board that you ride in Australia, you will sink. Even if you have some rocker in your board like a Burton Flying V shape, you will have more fun if you buy a powder specific board.

    Powder boards allow you to ride a shorter board in the deep snow as they are wider, have taper and a nose that stops you sinking. A little extra width is great in deep snow. It allows you to get the same surface are as a longer board but will turn around the back of tight trees easier and will be lighter on your feet.

    Taper is when the nose of the board is wider than the tail. This is like having power steering in deep snow and allows the nose to float and the tail to sink. This means you can relax in deep snow knowing that you have a much smaller chance of falling over the nose. It will also make the board feel more like a surfboard and allow you to turn more easily in between tight trees.

    Here are some examples of powder boards that would be great in the powder of Japan.

    Jones Mountain Explorer

    The Jones 2016 Explorer features the same Directional Rocker as other Jones freeride snowboards, but carries a far more affordable price tag. The explorer also allows for a little more of an all mountain ride than the Flagship series boards, without sacrificing its ability to ride freeride. The board features an image of the Shangri-La Wall which was descended for the first time by Jones Snowboards founder Jeremy Jones.

    The Jones Explorer is a great all mountain board that handles well on on groomers and also in deep powder. It has regular camber at the rear of the board to give you grip and power and rocker in the nose to give you plenty of float in the pow.



    Burton Fish

    The board that revolutionised the powder stick game. The 2016 Burton Fish will make all your possible powder endeavours easier, and definitely way more fun. A directional Flat Top profile for added stability when needed, but a huge tapered reverse camber nose out the front, giving you the most amount of float you’ll ever see for a board this size. The Double Swallow Tail doesn’t just look great, it also keep you nice and planted in the snow, keeping those turns fresh and never sliding out.

    The Burton Fish is one of the all time classic powder boards. It features 20mm of taper and a powder tail for great maneuverability and float in the deepest of powder. Ride this board in a nice short length and get all the float of a much bigger board.

    You’ll get hooked on the fish!

    Burton Skip Jack Family Tree

    You’re thinking of the Tuna, right? WRONG. The only Skipjack you need to know about it is the New for 2016 Skipjack Surf. It’s been waiting for you to jump on with bindings or not, ready to be sent downhill left handers. Bringing the ocean to the snow-capped peaks, the Burton Skipjack Surf has 20mm of taper, locking the front and never letting go, with also combining a swallow tail to lock those turn in nice and tight. Epic!

    The Burton Skipkack is a super short and wide powder board that is designed to maximise your fun in powder snow. It may look like you won't get the float you need in such a small board but because of the shape, you can ride this puppy in waist deep without a problem. You will see a growing number of these being ridden in snowboard videos with guys having a ball in deep snow.

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