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Volkl Womens Skis

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Volkl Women’s Skis are among one of the oldest and arguably most popular skis companies in the world. Volkl has been making skis since 1923 and is the largest manufacturer in Germany, maintaining one of the most advanced and modern ski production facilities in the world.

Volkl’s ski factory in Bavaria Germany is built on the concept of building skis where they live and ski, showcasing high-tech innovation crossed with traditional craftsmanship from their host of ski crazy engineers, testers, and pro athletes thrown in for good measure.

With most brands womens skis are just a shorter version of the male equivalent, however with innovation and high-tech at the forefront of Volkls brand mantra it’s no surprise we have seen them focus on womens specific designs to includes some of the fanciest materials and tech in their skis such as their latest the Titanal Frame and 3D Glass.

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With lightweight skis forefront of many womens ski choice, it’s no surprise Volkls Titanal frame has been popular. As the name suggests, Titanal Frame consists of two frame like sheets of titanal (Surprisingly titanal is generally 85% Aluminium) around the outside of the tip and tail of the ski and a 3rd smaller fullwidth sheet under the binding to give an overall awesome feeling ski with power and stiffness at the edge whilst maintaining a lightweight and damp feeling through the centre for outright controllability. Now in the 2020 Volkl Kenja 88 and 2020 Volkl Secret 92 skis.

3D Glass as the name would suggest is fiberglass in three dimensions. Traditional skis would often have flat sheets of fiberglass layered into the ski core for improved rebound, the new 3D glass uses flat glass below the wood core in the centre of the ski, which bends up to become vertical glass behind the sidewall making the ski more agile and lively, and then bends flat to become horizontal glass ontop of the sidewall increasing the torsional stiffness which is the biggest contributor to edge grip in hard and icy conditions. Quickly becoming a staple of volkls hi performance womens skis this is in the 2020 Volkl Flair SC Carbon and 2020 90 Eight W skis.

The AMG treatment for your skis, lighter weight and increased performance what more could you ask for? Normally weight reduction and increased performance are polar opposites of one another but V.Werk is all about pushing the edge of what is possible. To shed every gram possible Volkl engineers incorporate the exclusive and expensive materials such as carbon, aramids (artificial fibre weaves of incredible strength), titanal all blended together in unique ways. This can be seen in and of the Volkl V-Werks BMT series which so happens to be unisex.

You wouldn’t drive a car without suspension so why ride a ski without suspension, UVO 3D utilizes an unique 360 degree vibration dampener to reduce vibrations in the tip of the ski where they begin and stop them traveling the length of the ski creating a smooth and reliable ride. Checkout the 2020 Volkl Flair SC Carbon with its UVO 3D tip.

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