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How to Choose your Snowboard Size

Choosing the right length of snowboard can mean the difference between the most fun you've ever had and ending up hating life. When choosing the length of the board, there are a few factors to consider.


1 - What terrain and riding style am I using the board for?

There are three main types of riding style that will influence the length of snowboard that is appropriate for you. Freestyle, all mountain and freeride.

Freestyle is where you are riding the park often and always looking to boost off or bonk any feature that appears in front of you when riding down the mountain.

All mountain is when you like to ride a little of everything and represents the main bulk of snowboarders out on the hill. You like to carve it up at high speeds in the morning, hit the park in the afternoon and you might even be heading to Japan to ride some powder this summer.

Freerideis where you like riding fast most of the time and carving up big turns. You LOVE powder and are always trying to find a stash of fresh snow. You don't like the park and prefer to hike over the back bowls and ride away from the crowds.


2 - What is my weight and height?

Height is the main factor when determining the length of board you will ride. See our chart below to match up the style of riding you like with where the board will sit when you are standing up straight. Make sure your chin is straight and you are not slouching.

Weight will play a small part too and may mean that you will choose one end of the suggested board height in the guides below e.g. -if you are heavy for your height, choose the upper end of the suggested board height. You may also want to pick a slightly stiffer flex of board if you are heavy - or softer flex if you are light.

Suggested Board Length for

Suggested Board Length for
All Mountain

Suggested Board Length for

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