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Burton Ak Outerwear - Gore-Tex For Backcountry Snowboarding

If you are heading overseas this summer to ride some backcountry will need some very technical outerwear. If you don't already know, Burton Snowboards have an outerwear range called Burton AK range. AK stands for Alaska and is all technically geared around the backcountry rider.

At Auski we have just received the new 2016 AK jackets and pants so stay tuned for when we get it up online or give us a call for updates.

I personally ride in Burton AK gear exclusively and there is a few good reasons why. The first is I can always rely on staying dry. Gore-tex has been proven time and time again as not only being very waterproof but never losing it's waterproof rating as it is a bonded fabric.

The second is that Gore-tex is highly breathable. This makes a big difference when you do lot's of hiking. The last thing you want is your sweat not to wick when you are in the back country.

Finally, there is Burtons' life time warranty. This means they stand by their quality and I think that means a lot in today's market of manufacturers cost cutting practices.

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